A Virtual Induction Into General Practice

A Virtual Introduction to General Practice – A Virtual Induction To General Practice

The Virtual Induction to General Practice has been produced to help support a wide range of learners that we support from work experience to medical students. The document has many embedded document and videos which offers the learners insight into how a general practice operates and also the career opportunities that are offered (and much more information). 

We hope that this virtual induction will help those who are interested find all the information they may need to take a work experience placement within the General Practice environment, and for those who have chosen to study or work within primary care, there are many additional resources to further your learning and career.

Primary Care Career Pathway (5)

E-Learning for Healthcare

E-Learning for Healthcare – was developed to deliver a range of programmes for professionals in healthcare. E-LfH is now in the process of delivering or developing more than 400 e-learning programmes in collaboration with organisations including Royal Colleges, Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England. 

Loneliness E-Learning helping you to support others

Do you work in health, social or community care? Would you like to help people nurture meaningful social relationships?

Learn how to:

  • Understand the importance of loneliness and social isolation and the potential negative health outcomes
  • Recognise people at risk, understand the risk factors, the signs, and key risk groups
  • Access evidence-based interventions for loneliness and know how to refer or signpost to support and services
  • Have meaningful and compassionate discussions with people in able to ensure ongoing support.

Additional resources Let’s Talk Loneliness website:

Access HEE’s new digital learning resource here

NHS Leadership Academy

Virtual Leadership– Latest offers in the North West to support Primary Care staff

Gateway C

GatewayC.Org.Uk – Is an online cancer education platform developed for GPs, practice nurses, GPs in training, health care assistants, physician associates
and other primary care professionals across England.

GatewayC is a free online cancer education platform developed for primary care professionals, aiming to improve cancer outcomes by facilitating earlier diagnosis and improving patient experience. The platform is fully funded by Health Education England and assists users to confidently identify, refer and support patients with symptoms on a suspected cancer pathway.

Learning Governance Framework

Governance Framework for Training and Education in Primary Care– The overarching objective of this framework is to support with the growth and development of the primary care workforce in collaboration with the Cheshire & Merseyside Training Hub whose aim is to; create an engaged and empowered workforce, establish career pathways in all parts of the system and to become a more attractive career choice. It sets out the expectations for each of the roles in both skills and educational requirements which will assist with workforce planning and educational commissioning. It will enable practitioners to plan and develop careers and will assist employers in identifying the skills and education required to provide high-quality care. In order to ensure that primary care can continue to meet the challenge of growing a workforce fit for both practice and purpose, increasing the capacity and capability of all employees is essential.

#TALC: Teaching and Learning Consultation Skills

TALC is a set of learning modules covering all aspects of teaching and learning consultation skills.

If you are a clinician in any kind of training programme, the consultation skills you need are described with tried and tested teaching methods to help you improve your skills.

If you are a clinician already working with patients, these materials will help you develop your skills even further. Resources can be used by practitioners in any healthcare profession.

If you are an educator/clinical supervisor TALC has tried and tested educational methods for you, described in detail, with resources to help you plan teaching sessions easily. The Effective Teaching Methods For Primary Care Education covers effective teaching methods in healthcare more fully for educators wanting to develop their skills.

Look out for new Modules. New videos are being added all the time as COVID-19 restrictions ease and we are able to make new recordings.

Why Are Consultation Skills So Important?

Getting The Most From The TALC Resources