GPN Fellowship


The General Practice Fellowship programme is a national commitment announced in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The GPN Fellowship Scheme is supported locally by the Primary Care Training Hub.

This has a number of benefits to support GP nurses at the start of their career. The programme encourages working within and across Primary Care Networks leading to opportunities for integrated working and varied portfolio work experience.

It is a two-year programme of support, available to GPNs who are new to working in general practice, with a  focus on working within and across a Primary Care Network (PCN).

The programme offers support with PCN portfolio working and learning and development post-registration, supporting nurses to take up substantive roles, understand the context they are working in and become embedded in the PCN, as well as increase and maintain high levels of participation in the primary care workforce.

Participants will receive funded mentorship and funded CPD opportunities of one session per week, and shadowing or placement opportunities within or across PCNs to develop experience and support transition into the workforce.

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The Preceptorship Programme, which is delivered by the training hub, is also available for new to practice GPNs.  This programme can be incorporated into the fellowship programme in the nurses first year in roles. The main aim of preceptorship is to welcome and integrate newly registered professionals or those transitioning to a new area of practice into their new team and place of work.  It helps these professionals translate their knowledge into everyday practice, grow in confidence and understand how to apply the Code in their day to day work (NMC 2020).  We strongly encourage all GPN Fellows to sign up to the GPN Preceptorship programme as well to receive these additional benefits.  For more information and registration form please Click Here.