Step Into Primary Care

Step Into Primary Care: Pre-Employability Programme

The ‘step into’ programme has been used successfully by the hospitals, trusts, and Ambulance service. Therefore, it made sense that Primary Care had its own ‘step into’ programme with Primary Care specific training.

The programme has been created to target the clerical roles that practices are struggling to recruit for, it is a 6-week programme consisting of 2 weeks pre-employability training and a 4-week GP practice placement. The only requirement from the practice is that they are actively recruiting, they can offer the 4-week placement and are willing to give the candidates a guaranteed interview. The people enrolled on the programme are made aware there is no guarantee of employment however, the practices which are involved have an active vacancy and they have 4 weeks in that practice before a guaranteed interview.

We work closely with the DWP to promote the programme, the Training Provider used has been recommended by the trusts and we also work with the Princes Trust to offer a Mentor/Buddy system for and candidate aged 18-30.

Two Weeks Pre-employability Training

The 2 weeks training has been developed to have Primary Care specific training along with general pre-employability. The training consists of:

  • Level 2 customer service training (Accredited)
  • Conflict management training
  • GDPR and confidentiality training
  • An online ACT and Terrorism prevention module
  • Wellbeing module
  • EMIS Training- a 2-hour session giving an overview of the EMIS system delivered by Howbeck Healthcare. (Further details can be provided)
  • An overview of the NHS Values
  • They will all complete mandatory training through E-Learning for Health covering: CPR / Resuscitation, Chaperone Training, Conflict Resolution, Equality & Diversity & HR Fire Safety, Awareness & Wellbeing, Health & Safety awareness, Data Security awareness, Freedom to Speak up, Moving and Handling, Safeguarding Children, safeguarding vulnerable adults, Preventing radicalisation and Infection prevention

4 Week GP Practice Placement (30 hrs pw)

Once they have finished their 2 weeks pre-employability training the candidates will then begin a 4-week GP Practice placement, this can be up to 30 hours a week and is an opportunity for them to experience Primary Care and for the practice to consider if they’re the right person for the role. Throughout the placement they will need:

  • All of the candidates will have read, understood and signed a; Placement confidentiality bond, Conflict of interest policy, Code and conduct agreement, Data protection act, Emergency contact form and will have a E-Learning for health login with completed training
  • They will require IT logins in GP Practice- The practice will be provided with the information needed to create this before their start date
  • The Practice will be given a mid-point review to complete 2 weeks into their placement- This is to ensure that they are on track and can raise any training issues etc.
  • At the end of the placement the practice will need to arrange an interview with the candidate
  • The Practice will be given contact details for the Project Manager/DWP in the event of any concerns/queries

Continuing the Programme

Dependant on recruitment needs, this will be a rolling programme each month. An email will be sent monthly, asking of any vacancies in the area, once there are 5 or more vacancies, we can hold an open day and start the programme.

There is no cost to participate, and we hope that in offering a structured pre-employability programme over a 6-week period will filter the correct candidates who are keen to work in Primary Care.

How to take part

If you are currently recruiting and want to hold the vacancy for the programme, please contact [email protected]