The Cheshire and Merseyside Training Hub are committed to supporting primary care with workforce needs and work closely with key partners and stakeholders to develop the best offers through collaboration with the ICB and Place leads. The four things you can expect from us:

  1. We will support PCNs and their provider partners to undertake effective workforce planning to inform ICSs, regional and national workforce plans.
  2. As part of working with ICSs/ICBs we will support the delivery of their people functions, education, and training
  3. We will deliver consistent training opportunities across primary care and professions to support population health and learner needs.
  4. We will provide and/or support education, training, and retention programmes.

Want to know more about our current offers, population you serve, data to support design thinking about your workforce, or seek advice and support please contact Karla Rimaitis – Workforce Lead on [email protected] or call 07845791362