General Practice Assistant (GPA)

GP Assistant (GPA)

General Practice Assistants (GPAs) form part of a multi-disciplinary team within Primary Care. GPAs provide support with administrative tasks, combined with basic clinical duties, relieving GP pressure by helping free up time and contribute toward the running of appointments and creating a positive patient experience in General Practice.

What do GP Assistants do in practice?

  • Sorting all clinical post and prioritising
  • Extracting all information from clinical letters that needs coding
  • Dealing with all routine clinical post directly e.g. DNA letters, 2WW etc.
  • Arranging appointments, referrals and follow up appointments of patients
  • Preparing patients prior to going in to see the GP, taking a brief history and basic readings in readiness for the GP appointment.
  • Dipping urine, taking blood pressure, ECGs & phlebotomy
  • Completing basic (non-opinion) forms for the GP to approve and sign such as insurance forms, mortgage forms e.g. ESA113 etc
  • Explaining treatment procedures to patients including arranging follow up appointments
  • Helping the GP liaise with outside agencies i.e. getting an on call doctor on the phone to ask advice or arrange admission while the GP can continue with their consultation(s)
  • Support the GP with immunisations/wound care

Useful Links and Documents

Please follow this link for further information: and read the flyers attached.

For any queries regarding the ARRS scheme in general/or the in-house training, please email to [email protected].