E-Learning for Healthcare

E-Learning for Healthcare – was developed to deliver a range of programmes for professionals in healthcare. E-LfH is now in the process of delivering or developing more than 400 e-learning programmes in collaboration with organisations including Royal Colleges, Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England. 

E-Learning for Pharmacy Practice and Educational Supervisors available

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) with the University of East Anglia, De Montfort University and Keele University are delighted to launch new elearning sessions for pharmacy practice and educational supervisors. 


The elearning sessions have been developed for those in the pharmacy sector who are involved in the training of others, ranging from supervising shadowing experiences, to having educational supervisory roles across a range of settings. This includes community pharmacies, primary care and health and justice pharmacy services.   


These new resources aim to provide supervisors with the knowledge and skills needed to gain confidence and satisfaction from their practice and educational activities and enhance their contributions to the development of a highly skilled pharmacy workforce. It also aims to improve the learning experiences of trainees and their contributions to patient-centred care.  


This programme currently includes 2 modules: 

  • Module 1, Core Skills: Introductory level topics relevant to practice and educational supervision. This module is recommended for all as an introductory module or to refresh existing knowledge 
  • Module 2, Enhanced Skills: A deeper learning approach to topics relevant to practice and educational supervision, providing context for specific programmes/learner groups. This module is recommended for practice and educational supervisors involved in specific regulated pharmacy training programmes and those who wish to develop their skills further 
  • The development of an ‘Advanced Skills’ module will be determined upon the workforce need.  

Each module takes approximately 2 hours to complete and covers a range of topics with increasing complexity. Learners are asked formative questions to enable interaction and test their knowledge.  


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