Return To Practice (RTP)


We understand that registered nurses may need to take some time away from practice during the course of their career. Fortunately, it has never been easier to return to nursing, with courses and training available to help with the transition and skill development. There are nearly 12,000 nurses on NMC temporary COVID-19 register, many of whom are now interested in returning to practice nursing. But how is it possible to return? The current NMC revalidation requirements are that revalidation must be completed every 3 years, with over 450 hours of practice in 3 years (or 900 if both nurse and midwife) or 750 hours in 5 years.

Please check the NMC website for the checklist of requirements to return to the register. Returning to the register – The Nursing and Midwifery Council (

If you don’t meet readmission requirements you can return to the register in one of two ways:

Funding Support

Currently HEE funds the following support routes to RTP for employers, learners and placement providers.

For university programme costs, HEE provides £1,000 towards tuition fees. 

For employer support costs, there is a standard placement fee of £500 to help support the leaner to achieve learning outcomes whilst in practice. 

There is an additional Enhanced Employer National Offer to support RTP learners returning from a mental health and cancer nursing background.

For learner support, a £1000 stipend is offered and this is to support the learner with travel, accessing placement and for access to any learning resources.   

For more information regarding Test of Competence contact [email protected]

RTP HEE Funding Support – Employer Summary



RtP Learner

RtP academic programme fees


Placement Fee


Learner Stipend



Enhanced Employer National Offer


ToC Fees

Find an approved RTP Programme

The whole programme can take 3 to 12 months to complete. The length of course and amount of practice learning required depends on length of time off the register. Your chosen university will be able to provide further information.

North West Universities offering the programme: