#TALC: Teaching and Learning Consultation Skills

TALC is a set of learning modules covering all aspects of teaching and learning consultation skills.

If you are a clinician in any kind of training programme, the consultation skills you need are described with tried and tested teaching methods to help you improve your skills.

If you are a clinician already working with patients, these materials will help you develop your skills even further. Resources can be used by practitioners in any healthcare profession.

If you are an educator/clinical supervisor TALC has tried and tested educational methods for you, described in detail, with resources to help you plan teaching sessions easily. The Effective Teaching Methods For Primary Care Education covers effective teaching methods in healthcare more fully for educators wanting to develop their skills.

Look out for new Modules. New videos are being added all the time as COVID-19 restrictions ease and we are able to make new recordings.

Why Are Consultation Skills So Important?


Getting The Most From The TALC Resources