Immunisation & Vaccination Training

Primary Care - Face to face Imms & Vaccs Annual Update Training

Additional to the virtual immunisation and vaccination annual updates which have already been shared on Eventbrite, please find below details of some face to face annual update training in venues across Cheshire and Merseyside.  The content of the sessions is exactly the same as the virtual sessions but we are aware that face to face training is recommended three yearly, so please ensure you have chosen the most appropriate session for your learning needs, i.e. face to face or virtual. 

As per the virtual training, the face to face morning sessions are for Healthcare Support workers & AHPs, and the afternoon face to face sessions are for GPNs and Nurse Associates.

To book tickets please select the link below that is appropriate to your job role and area. There is one date available in each area and the venue details are available in the links below:

Virtual Immunisation & Vaccination Update Training

Please book your place on the virtual event for the Immunisation & Vaccination Update Training here.