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New resources to support anyone in 'Talking about having the Covid-19 vaccine'

The South East Making Every Contact Count & Vaccine Uptake group* have produced 2 resources to support anyone who may be talking with others about having the Covid-19 vaccine (e.g. frontline practitioners, volunteers, community and faith leaders, Covid-19 champions):

Resource 1: Talking about having the Covid-19 vaccine video (10mins)

A training video to support asking the right questions, keeping the conversation person-centred and focused on the benefits and motivation of having the vaccine. It draws upon skills developed in Making Every Contact Count training.

Resource 2: Talking about the Covid-19 Vaccine signposting resource

Useful links to information to help you when talking about having the COVID-19 vaccine.  The links are grouped into sections to make it easier to find the relevant information for different conversations.  Sections include: About vaccines; Effectiveness of vaccines; Faith and Covid-19 information; Other languages; and a lot more.  


The resources can be found on the HEE page by clicking here.