New to Practice Fellowships & Preceptorships


Welcome to the 2020/21 NHS England and NHS Improvement two-year fellowship programme on offer to all newly qualified doctors and nurses entering general practice. This programme is an NHS Long Term Plan commitment, also suggested by the GP Partnership Review and recently restated in the February 2020 update of the GP Contract. 

This programme will support newly-qualified GPs and nurses in their transition to established, sustainable practise in general practice, to become part of the embedded primary care team within their Primary Care Network (PCN) . 

There are three main themes to the fellowship programme and participants should be released from their practice clinical role for one session per week (pro rata) to enable them to participate in the ‘Support and Networking’ and ‘Learning and Development’ activities. These include learning through a likely mix of training days and self-directed online sessions, mentorship supervision sessions and peer support conversations. The third theme to this programme is that of ‘PCN Portfolio Working’, which will be accessible to participants after their first six months on the programme. 

Participant Eligibility Criteria

The Fellowship initiative is focussed on newly-qualified GPs and Nurses who are within their first 12 months since qualifying and hold a substantive contract to deliver GMS services

Aim of the NTP GP Fellowship Programme

  • To support newly qualified GPs to become embedded within their Practice & PCN
  • To alleviate the feeling of isolation in a new role
  • Support Recruitment & Retention
  • To enable newly qualified GPs feel part of their Practice and the PCN team
  • To support familiarisation with the local population health needs by completing PCN Portfolio work
  • To support and develop effective leadership

Benefits for a Newly Qualified GP

Benefits to your Practice & PCN

  • Recruitment and Retention – offers an attractive supportive and retention package
  • Portfolio work to address local health population needs
  • Quality Improvement training available
  • Supports development of leadership skills within your practice and PCN
  • Flexible programme

Self-directed study and flexibility

  • The programme is self-directed and flexible with regards to what suits you and your practice i.e your CPD session could be on a different day each week or you might not require a full 4hrs 10 mins session on one particular week :
  • There is a NTP GP Fellowship Workbook/Guide and Programme Timetable for you to follow – this will assist you with keeping on track

Mentorship, Networking & Coaching

The scheme is complemented by two interlocking national initiatives for GPs with additional Coaching opportunities avaiable:

  • ‘Supporting Mentors Scheme’ You will be aligned to a Mentor throughout the programme
  • National support for ‘Next Gen GP’ – which will be utilised to deliver ‘peer networking’
  • Access to six 1 hour coaching sessions with a qualified coach over the 2-year period

Available resources

  • HEENW Post CCT Fellowship Offer
  • Membership to NHS Networks Information sharing platform
  • Animated Induction to your ICS, ICP and PCN
  • Wellbeing Presentation
  • Podcasts
  • NTP GP Fellowship Workbook/Guide
  • NTP GP Fellowship Programme Timetable
  • Commissioned learning provision
  • Recommended Reading Lists
  • Supported Action Learning Sets

for more information please contact:

Erica Box – Project Manager, Cheshire & Merseyside Training Hub

Email: [email protected]